We Are Not Just Accountants. We Offer You Assistance And Expert Advice For Other Crucial Areas Of Your Business And Financial Life.

Business Structuring/Restructuring

Expert Accountants provide advice to help you get your business up and running. Choosing the correct business plan and structure will save you time and money. Our company offers business solutions that provide protection from creditor attacks that can damage your reputation.

Protection of your Assets

We protect the assets of your business. Professional business managers review your business structure and to help you identify potentials risks. We implement strategies that alleviate and manage business risks.

Cash Flow Forecasts

When purchasing or starting your business you do need to prepare a cash flow forecast. Expert Accountants provides you with the ways and means to determine how much cash flow you need for a start-up venture as well as a cash flow plan to keep your business growing. We provide you with a plan on how to draw enough money to cover your cost of living.

Business Valuations

Using business software we provide you with accurate evaluations for your business. We identify areas for improvement that will increase business value. This detailed and systematic approach gives you, our client. the information you need to evaluate your business and where you need to improve.

Taxation Planning

Use our tax planning services to prepare for year-end taxation reports. All possible tax savings are explored to give you the best scenario for tax payments. We strive to keep your tax bill as low as possible.

Succession & Estate Planning

Preserving your estate for future generations is the goal of our succession & estate planning. Our long association with a revenue and taxation law firm provides complimentary consultations to discuss options.  We believe that preserving your estate for your posterity is of the utmost importance.