Finance and Lending Planning

At Expert Accountants we will review your finance requirements and recommend you to a group of finance specialists to help you with your needs. These specialists are available for home loans, equipment, business, and motor vehicle finance. Our partners along with Expert Accounts will find a lending solution designed just for your situation.

Expert Accountants have a strong partnership with leading mortgage brokers who specialise in assessing our finance needs. A range of competitive lending products are available and only the best products will be recommended to you. Our brokers are salary paid and never work on commission. Brokers have no affiliation with mortgage or lending products so they are able to provide you with the best options that will fit our needs.

If you need assistance in any of your financing needs, we will be there for you. We are only a phone call away. There is no payment obligation for lending for lending consultations.

Insurance Planning

Insurance needs are almost emotional, and our partnership with a highly recommended insurance agency is available to provide professional service and solutions for our clients. Professional and caring insurance agents are expert in many areas including:

  • Life insurance and coverage
  • Critical Illness and Traumas
  • Business Expense Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Employee and Key Person Protection
  • Business Succession Planning and Insurance

Contact Expert Accountants Gold Coast for a complimentary review or your personal and business risk management. You can contact your personal accountant for a referral and recommendation to our insurance partner.